Maybe I Should Just Quit...

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Maybe I should just quit…. How many times have those defeated words crossed your mind? Don’t worry you’re not alone.  Often we have these thoughts because life is hard and worthwhile things are hard work. And when those thoughts come to mind its not the daily things, like housework, or parenting. It’s the DREAMS.  When feelings of defeat come or actual defeat comes in a situation quitting can even feel like the best choice. We get it. Here’s the deal, sometimes God calls us to lay something down for a season, however the thing for which you were made, the thing that keeps you up at night, the thing you wish someone else was called to, the thing you feel like the worst candidate for but the problem is YOU KNOW YOU’RE CALLED TO IT. That’s the thing you shouldn’t ever quit.

And here are 10 reasons why:

1.    You have a legacy to leave the ones coming behind you.

2.    You weren’t made for mediocre things.

3.    You’re carrying the name of Jesus and you should carry it well.

4.    He gave this dream to you and not someone else.

5.    If you do quit you’ll always wonder if you could have succeeded.

6.    He’s given you the gifts to make that dream come true, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

7.    Impossible dreams are the best kind.

8.    If He’s called you to it HE will complete the work in you.

9.    You’re not doing it alone; you are CO-laboring with God.

10. He loves you the same even if you don’t go for it, but you might learn to love HIM more through the journey of pursuing the dream.

Which reason hit home the most for you? Let’s take a moment to process it. And since art makes everything more fun take a minute to download our free printable and process through that reason. Next time we’ll illuminate fear and doubt and the best weapon God has given us to fight against those things.

Until then, we love you, and He loves you more.

XO-  April and the team