Even If It Doesn't Work Out


Maybe I’m the only one, but in regards to my dreams and plans for this kingdom work in my hands, I am so often concerned that it won’t work out the way I envision it. I often worry that it’s all coming to fruition too slowly, that perhaps He’s not pleased with me because of it and that I’m missing out on a BIG win for the kingdom!

What if it doesn't work out? 

I want to first  frame this thought and say that I am ABSOLUTELY all about kingdom work and “pressing on to the goal” of what we’re working toward as a ministry. I have huge dreams in my heart that I truly feel our people are in need of. I’m 99.9% sure I’ll never quit and I just know it’s my calling. This isn’t a “just take a break and rest, it doesn’t really matter” note you’re reading. But, I do want to  illuminate, because it so often drags me down, the huge weight of the “what if it doesn’t work out” thought. Is this ever a line that runs through your mind? I think sometimes the worry of the what if, actually keeps us from moving forward. And not even in a way that we notice, but perhaps you’re spending lots of brain space thinking about how it won’t work, or maybe what you see others doing feels more significant than your thing. And before you know it you’re wasting your day away simply thinking about all the ways it might not work, meanwhile you haven’t done any tangible work to press on to your goal.

How about this, let’s go ahead and ask the question, “what if it doesn’t look the way you want it to?” or “what if it never becomes all you want it to be?” Here’s the truest thing... He loves you the same, even if it doesn’t. And your identity is not in what you do but who you are, and you are a child of God. 

"Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God"
                                                                                  -John 1:12


I had this thought the other day, because I’m constantly thinking through what I’m doing for my dream, and what needs to be done better. Mind you, I currently have four kids under six and I'm home with them daily, so my work and free time is limited to say the least. I basically always feel behind. So in my question to the Lord of, “what can I do better, and what can I change to see growth?” Here’s what I felt him say,

Definitely not what I wanted to hear but maybe what I needed.  Doesn't it sound like something a Father would say to his stressed out kid? HE LOVES YOU! So how about we breathe deep and remember this in our work today? Keep going after your dream but enjoy your life friend, cuz it’s the only one you’ve got. And let’s trust His timing because He’s always working, and He does not forget.

Have a great week!
xoxo- April