I'm not creative.  Is this for me?

Absolutely! Whether we realize it or not, we all have creativity in us because we were formed by a Creator!  Throughout the Well Crafted experience, we will help you explore what that looks like for you.  Our vision for these events is to come together and allow God to breathe life into us as women.  We are, by nature, creative people, because we are made in His image.  You will be amazed at how much life you feel when you allow yourself to see you how God sees you!

Can I make payments?

Yes.  There is a $100 deposit due with your initial registration, and the final payment is always due 14 days before the date of the retreat.  Simply select the "MAKE PAYMENTS" option in the drop down menu of the event registration. If you do choose the payment plan option, you will need to pay the Regular rate (even if registering during the early bird rate time period). The payment option only applies to Well Crafted Weekend Events.

I am gluten free, dairy free, soy free, meat free, sugar free, and drama free.  Will you be able to accommodate me?

Yes, we've got you covered!  There is a place in the registration form to let us know your dietary needs.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. We do have a small scholarship fund.  Please fill out the application form if you are interested and do not have the means to make payments.

Can I come alone? What if i don't know anyone?

YES!  We want you!  Historically, women who come alone walk away with deep and meaningful friendships, refreshed and renewed to approach life with new vision.  If you are looking for a quiet place, you can find that, too.

What are the age groups that attend?

We are honored to host a variety of women between the ages of 16-100.  At our past events, most of our women have been in their 20's-60's.  We love the variation of life experiences that our women bring to the event.

With what denomination are you affiliated?

 We as a ministry would classify ourselves as interdenominational.  Our staff is part of The Gathering Church and we have core leaders from other churches as well. We love our Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Anglican, AME, Baptist, etc. etc. sisters!  We believe that everything the Bible says is absolute truth, and we will always aim for our gatherings to be a picture of the Church in Heaven.

Can I give towards a scholarship for someone?

We love the opportunity to offer scholarships. This is primarily made possible through donations! If you are interested in helping to pay the way for other women who may not be financially able to invest in a ticket to an event, please click the contribution button below.

Contribute to the Well Crafted Event Scholarship fund