THREE things you should be doing in your home.

There was this crazy moment before our Chapel Session at the One-Day where I asked the prayer team where they wanted to stand for our women to receive prayer. One of them said something I think I’ll remember forever. Helen said, “In my experience it’s better to stand in the front near where the worship is taking place because that is where Spirit is most present.”

Does that make anyone else’s jaw drop?!  You better believe we lined our prayer team at the front of the room because we wanted to hear from God!  It makes perfect sense, but it’s not something I’d ever considered; of course His spirit is going to dwell where He is being worshipped.  This concept has so much weight and is why we take the time to curate our home for Him.

Here are THREE challenges for us this week. They aren’t brand new or ground-breaking ideas but they will make a difference if you do them!

1. WORSHIP in your home.  Play worship music out loud for the Lord to hear (and the enemy too) and worship your socks off to our Great and Mighty God! He is so incredibly worthy of our worship and where we worship His spirit dwells. For Psalm 22:3 promises- “But You are holy, O You who are enthroned in [the holy place where] the praises of Israel [are offered].” Here’s our favorite playlist for this.

2. READ SCRIPTURE in your home.  Walk through your house or apartment and outloud in your home, declare God’s truth over yourself and the dwelling place He’s given you.  His word is our weapon against the lies of the enemy, “sharper than a double edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12) Here are a couple places to start: Psalm 91Psalm 46Psalm 103.

3. PRAY over your home.  If you aren’t sure how to pray, find resources from a leader you trust.  There are people in God’s family who have the gift of prayer and intercession.  At times I’ve felt lost in this area, which is when I consult those people! Here’s a prayer, from Well Crafted Prayer team.  It comes from the book “Freedom From Fear” by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller.

 We hope this helps you get started in Curating your HOME for God’s Kingdom. On Friday we’re sharing some processing worksheets to use in your home too! Stay tuned for that.

Xoxo April and the Well Crafted Team

PS- If you take time to do these things will you let us know @wellcraftedretreats? Even better, encourage a friend to try it with you!  We’d love to be praying for you and encouraging you along the way!

photo above captured by @anastasiiaphotography

April Knight