What about the ones coming behind you?

It may seem like an odd question, but have you ever thought much about the ones coming behind you? This past week as I’ve been slowing tracking through 2 Chronicles God illuminated one BIG idea to me.

In 2 Chronicles chapter 2 we see Solomon make preparations finally to build the Temple which his Father dreamed of building. Definitely take a minute to read this chapter if you can (it will make lots of sense when you do). Solomon, with a massive job in front of him was fully aware that he couldn’t build the Temple on his own, nor was he even skilled to do so. Nonetheless, building the Temple was something Solomon was called to!  [Have you ever felt this way in your dream? Wrecked for a cause, but unsure and over your head in the how of it all?]. In verse three I’m struck hard with this thing of Legacy! Solomon sends to the King of Tyre and says,

“As you dealt with David my father and sent him cedar to build himself a house to dwell in, so deal with me”.  

This may seem like a minor detail but he was asking the king for help, and it was because his father, David had worked to cultivate a healthy relationship with the King of Tyre that Solomon, his son, would be set up for success! And David’s legacy was strong, which allowed Solomon to start Strong and be blessed in his life’s work.

The King of Tyre ends up HOOKING SOLOMON UP vs. 11-14,  with all sorts of affirmation for the big job ahead, but also with some incredible resources to help the building of the temple succeed. He even sends a skilled worker to help with the design and building of the temple. There’s so much to pull out of this passage that bring revelation but here are just a few things.

  1. The healthy relationships you work to cultivate will be a blessing to the one’s coming behind you. Solomon was able to start strong because his father had lived a life after God.

  2. If your dream feels big or over your head, that’s okay, So did Solomon’s. It is when we know we can’t do it alone that God has the opportunity to be glorified.

  3. God will provide for your call, He’ll fill in the gaps by sending people to help you, as He did for Solomon.

I hope this encouraged you to cultivate today what matters most and to know that whatever is in your hands big or small, God will provide for your needs, that He might be glorified!

Let’s make it a great week!


Robert Knight